If I've read a more accurate description of how our "representative democracy" really works - not the fairy-tale version we learn in school - it doesn't come quickly to mind; perhaps because I never have read one or maybe that one doesn't even exist. Why isn't this guy teaching high school civics classes?

And that Winston Churchill - no fool he.

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"The goal of a political party is to win elections – principle and ideology are secondary to that goal. "

The Constitution Party is a good example of a party that has placed principle and ideology above winning elections. Consequently, it has won few - if any - statewide or federal offices. However, it may have resulted in changes to the Republican Party platform to attract votes from Constitution Party members. Unfortunately, major parties are not held accountable for failure to implement planks of campaign platforms.

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"Out of 435 U.S. House seats in each election, experts can reliably predict who is going to win 390 to 400 of them, about 90 percent (including in 2022). "

Congress should repeal the 1967 Single-Member Congressional District mandate. States should implement proportional representation for multi-member congressional districts.

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