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"For the first time ever, RCV is being paired with a “top four” primary, which will be used on August 16 to narrow the field of candidates to four."

Great story! I advocate for RCV but not "Final Four" - an open, single choice plurality primary where the top four vote getters advance to an RCV general election. I realize the motivation for an open primary is to allow independent and third-party residents to participate in taxpayer subsidized major party primary elections. But a single choice top four primary does not produce "winners" that have a broad base of support. Also, the top four primary shifts diversity of candidates from the general election to the primary election.

A superior election process would be for the major parties to conduct open RCV primaries - any registered voter can vote in one of the major primaries. The winner of each primary would advance to an RCV general election. Nominees of third-party conventions would also advance to the RCV general election. And petition qualified candidates would also be on the general election ballot. Such an election process would motivate all registered voters to participate in the general election.

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