The fact that a majority of people support various kinds of gun control does not mean that any of them are constitutional. This country is not a pure democracy. It is a constitutional republic which protects the minority from violation of their rights by the majority. The Supreme court has ruled on a number of these proposals already. Surely you would not support lunching people just because the majority of people in a jurisdiction favored it.

There is a problem with gun violence in this country but it is cultural problem that will not be solved by outlawing guns. As the saying goes "If guns are outlawed only outlaws will have them". We need to understand the root causes for people resorting to violence, with guns or any other weapon and correct that problem. At one time in Germany the preferred murder weapon for women was an iron skillet.

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With regard to the "constitutionality" of any issue I'm reminded of the three baseball umpires in a bar discussing how they call balls and strikes. Says the first, " I call them as see them." The second claims, "No, I call them as they are." The third - more experienced than the other two - corrects both: "They ain't nothing 'till you call them." Also largely true of the SCOTUS with regard to the constitutionality of issues. Hopefully the SCOTUS reflects more thoughtfully on issues than many Americans for whom "constitutional" means "I agree" and "unconstitutional" means "I don't."

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