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DemocracySOS is your digital portal for news, commentary and analysis about the pro-democracy movement. At a time when democracy watchdog Freedom House has documented a global rise in authoritarian-type rule, not only among repressive states like Russia and China but also among troubled democracies like the United States, Hungary and India, DemocracySOS aims to be a beacon for our democratic future.

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Chief editor & contributor @DemocracySOS, author of 7 books incl 10 Steps to Repair US Democracy, Fixing Elections & Europe's Promise.FairVote (co-founder, fmr asst dir) New America, CHT, WZB, articles/intvus NYTimes, WAPost, Wall St Jrnl, CNN, CSpan
Senior fellow @ FairVote, author of national best-seller Ratf**ked: Your Vote Doesn't Count & Unrigged: How Americans Are Battling Back to Save Democracy. Ex-EIC @ Salon, fellow @ UGa, BC, Wesleyan. Articles in New Yorker, NYT, WaPo, CNN, TNR.
Katie is the partnerships director at RepresentWomen. She is passionate about system reform to achieve gender balance in politics as a structural catalyst to a more equitable world.
Drew Penrose is an elections policy expert and consultant based in Maryland
Rob Richie is Senior Advisor at FairVote, which he led as CEO from 1992 to 2023. He has helped advance, win, and implement electoral reforms in many cities and states, has contributed to 11 books, and is a frequent lecturer and media source.
Alissa is the Outreach Manager at RepresentWomen and equips the democracy reform and women’s representation spaces to understand how systems strategies remove barriers to women’s political power.
Cynthia Richie Terrell is the founder and executive director of RepresentWomen, a founding member of the ReflectUS coalition, and an outspoken advocate for institutional reforms to advance women’s representation and leadership in the United States.
I am a messaging & political strategist for communications, outreach, and grassroots mobilization. My focus is on giving more people a voice in local government.