Like in 2016, the pathway to the nomination is clear due to the "winner take all" rules in most GOP states; RCV would ensure a true majority of GOP…
Open List PR methods in Finland and Sweden show that the devil is in the details; well-designed institutions must respect a nation’s culture, history…
Landslide wins in two more cities to use ranked choice voting, the Oscars use RCV to choose Best Picture, and reformers are thinking big
Celebrating International Women’s Day (and Black History Month too)
International Women's Day: Citizens’ activism, legal battles and indirect democracy have expanded the gender rights in Europe, decade after decade
Party List vs Proportional Ranked Choice Voting vs Mixed Member Proportional -- are they all the same? Or is one method better than the others?

February 2023

By Jean-Pierre Charbonneau, President of the Mouvement Démocratie Nouvelle in Quebec
Ranked choice voting would liberate voters to select their favorite candidates without fear of spoilers and split votes causing the wrong candidate to…
On February 18, 1965, Baldwin’s moral authority made a fool of the disingenuous Buckley’s patrician racism
The perverse incentives of the “winner take all” electoral system drive pointlessly adversarial politics
New report on women's representation in 100 largest cities highlights importance of RCV, public campaign financing, term limits and support groups for…
California, Arizona, and Nevada have shifted to even-year elections, boosting turnout and saving money—with lessons for other states.