Open List PR methods in Finland and Sweden show that the devil is in the details; well-designed institutions must respect a nation’s culture, history…
Landslide wins in two more cities to use ranked choice voting, the Oscars use RCV to choose Best Picture, and reformers are thinking big
International Women's Day: Citizens’ activism, legal battles and indirect democracy have expanded the gender rights in Europe, decade after decade

February 2023

New report on women's representation in 100 largest cities highlights importance of RCV, public campaign financing, term limits and support groups for…

December 2022

Americans’ prejudices about China cloud our understanding of both China and our own representative democracy
Ranked choice voting has pulled off a small miracle – moderate Republicans and Democrats co-governing
Some democratic methods help "divided societies" reduce polarization; other methods exacerbate it.

November 2022

Are IRCs ineffective because they are trumped by Winner Take All elections? Have they outlived their usefulness?

October 2022

Do Italy and Sweden show that proportional representation leads to the election of extremists?

September 2022

Ranked Choice Voting can "unify the vote" from traditionally underrepresented communities, even when multiple candidates run

August 2022

Both show that they know how to manipulate election rules to reach a desired result

July 2022

Ranked choice voting contributes to stunning rise in representation for women of color